Chri - Zzer 2020 - The Ultimate Brain Battle

Chri - Zzer– 2020 is a International Level Quiz competition organized by School of Commerce, Finance & Accountancy and School of Business & Management for school students(9 th to 12 th Grade).

Chri - Zzer– 2020 is the Flagship Event of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune, Lavasa Campus - The Hub of Analytics in association with CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Delhi NCR Campus. This Mega event will see participation of Quizzers from across the country competing for the grand FIRST PRIZE of INR 100000/- , SECOND PRIZE of INR 50000/- and exciting consolation prizes upto INR 200000/-.

Dr. G. S. Pradeep

(Chri-Zzer 2020 - Quiz Master)

Born on 15th of May 1972 joined the government service at the age of 20 and left the job very soon by becoming Grandmaster through the most famous and first reverse quiz ‘Aswamedham’ in Kairali TV. This show changed the mindset of the younger generation towards reading and learning. ‘Aswamedham’ went on air for 1500 episodes and he was invited by Star TV to perform the same in Tamil and Kannada.

He has won more than1500 awards so far. For the last two years he has been doing his programmes in six channels in Tamilnadu, Srilanka, and Malaysia. The India Today magazine has featured him as one of the 10 great media men in the last 20 years’ history of Kerala. Asian Television Organization announced him as the Most Influential Asian Television Personality of 2009. Most recently the Sri Lankan government announced his Grandmaster programme as the most influencing intellectual television programme of Sri Lanka.

Important Dates


All Participants must adhere to the guidelines of the competition to avoid disqualification.

  • Chri-Zzer 2020 is an individual online event.

  • Registration must be done on the official link provided in the website (

  • Registration must include the submission of the Latest School ID card.

  • The payment of registration fee is compulsory for the registration to be valid.

  • The Registration fee is a Non-Refundable fee and Team Chri-Zzer will contribute funds raised in support of building computer labs (or technology infrastructure) for rural schools around Lavasa

  • Progression of your position in the quiz will be shared with you after each round.

  • The Quizzing committee will be the supreme authority in deciding the qualifiers to the subsequent rounds.

  • The Prize money will be transferred from ‘CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa to the students’ bank account/parents’ bank account.

  • All quiz related queries must be addressed to the official email address

  • The quiz committee has the right to change the scheduled dates of the rounds as suitable. The participants will be informed about the same.

  • The Quiz Master is always RIGHT!

Quiz Syllabus

  1. Current Affairs- All news questions related to the current news which is going around the globe. Questions from 2018-2020.

  2. Banking and Finance- Basic terminologies, statutory bodies, financial reforms, mergers and acquisitions, scams dates to be remembered related to the banking and finance industry.

  3. Sports – international and National sports games and dates regarding the appointments and championships, transfer of players.

  4. Politics- All international and national political affairs.

  5. Science and Technology- All recent theories and discoveries around the globe.

  6. Geography- all geographical areas and countries and cities and about the earths information, travel & tourism.

  7. History- Historical sites, dates, wars, revolutions, assassinations, personalities.

  8. Food & Beverages- Related to the origin of the food/beverage, which country.

  9. Entertainment- Actors/ Actress, Movies, web series, shows, music, singers.

  10. Literature rounds- Synonyms, Antonyms, Vocab, meanings, stories, authors, play.

Each round will contain 15 questions.

Only laptops/Desktops are allowed to be used for the quiz.